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Crappie Anglers Enough Is EnoughWhat a way to start off an article by saying Enough Is Enough.

What I am referring to is the price of everything that a fisherman needs.

The Lure Companies have got the price of lures to the point where a guy or gal can no longer walk into a store and pick up a few lures and walk out just spending $10.00. I went in the other day and was just walking up and down the aisles and could not believe what I was seeing. I saw a minnow that a few years ago went for $2.79 and now was selling for $25.00.

A real good example is the new Swimbaits that everyone is carrying on about, check out what they are asking for them. You might find a package that has five soft plastic swimbaits inside and see that you are paying over $10.00 and seeing that it comes to a little over $2.00 each.

I have seen a lot of guys that I fish with that have gone out and bought swimbaits to try at our Southern Lakes and have wasted their money, they might work real good out west, but the southern bass are not interested in them.

Boat Prices Going Up, Fishing Licenses Going Up and Number of Anglers Going Down

Take the tracker crappie and bass boats, back twenty years ago those boats went for $6,000 with motor. That same boat now goes for $17,000 and they wonder why fishing folks are giving it up and they are loosing money in folks that buy License. They say that some of the money that you pay for the license goes for the state restocking and conservation, living down South I have not heard to much about restocking the lakes around here. When you bring it up they say that they do not have the funds to restock.

While we are on the subject of License, when I first started fishing my year license cost me $5.00 and now days that same license cost $28.00.

I have not even touched the Big Bass boats, but see where a lot of dealers are either cutting back or closing its doors. The only way I see a guy or girl getting a Big fiberglass Bass Boat is have a dealer or company offer to let them use the boat for the season on the deal that it must be sold at the end of season, if not before.

This has to happen or you are stuck with the notes for the boat. Some of them are over $56,000, and I better be able to eat and sleep on a boat like that, because the Boss sees me bring home a boat like that and I would be eating and sleeping in it.

Are Fishing Equipment Suppliers and State Wildlife Resources Going to Kill the Sport Of Fishing 

Where does it all end?

A very good example is go out and see what a cane pole cost these days. It just might scare you. For a sport that use to be relaxing and not dig to deep in your wallet, the cost of enjoying the sport of fishing has gone through the ceiling.

I almost hate to mention the cost of reels these days. A reel that I bought three years ago for $79.00 is now going for $189.00 and it does not take a rocket scientist to see that is more than double in price.

The rods are not any better either. A good rod that used to be $39.00 could run you $80.00 at your favorite retail fishing supplier. And take it from me, if you want to be a serious Bass Nut, you will be paying over $150.00 for each rod that you get.

The other day a guy was talking about the companies that deal in fishing products. He stated the companies would mark the price up so high that when you go in to buy two lures you would be lucky if you get out of the store for less than $55.00.

They sell this lure real fast and get what ever they can then either close up shop or move on to another lure that the Pro's are stating will catch a lifetime Bass.

Weekend Fishing Trips Costing $150 Are Now Costing $900

I have tried to be real nice in this article and not mention any product by name or company, but all the fishing folks out there are going to either stand up and say Enough Is Enough or pay through the nose just for a weekend out.

It does not matter if you are fishing a tournament or pleasure. I can remember when I would go to the lake for the weekend. Counting gas and food, it would run me about $150.00; now it cost me about $900.00.

I am not sure what it will take for all of us to solve this problem that we really have got ourselves in by paying what ever they are asking for fishing items. Or do we have to wait until the economy just hits the dirt and everything drops back to normal where you and I can enjoy a weekend of fishing without it costing a house note to enjoy spending time with our kids.

Let me hear your thoughts on this Subject "Enough Is Enough". If you have a problem posting a comment, please use the "Contact Steve" page to let me know.

Keep The Hooks Wet!

Steve McGoldrick



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