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Crappie Bait - Gulp Alive


Everyone out there has at one time or another used a swim bait. Well Berkley came out with the New Hot Plastic bait that works for Crappie, Bass, Catfish, Stripers, and saltwater fish.

It is called "Gulp Alive" and comes in a small Jar or Bucket. The great part about this new minnow is anyone that has used gulp before knows that after you introduce it to the water it can not be placed back in the package.

Crappie Bait - Gulp Alive

The minnows are different; they can go back in, and it will not harm the other baits.

However if left out of the water for a period of time they will dry up and shrink like the other Gulp worms and sinking minnows. I know if you will refer to earlier articles that I have written you will see a rig that you can use the minnows on. I will give you one: That if you try this on a drop shot rig, you will get results real fast.

I was introduced to them about two years ago at a show in Arkansas where Berkley had a tank of bass for the exbitors to show product in the tank. I was working with MoJo Weights at the time and asked Berkley if they would try our rig with the new minnow.

It turned out when the bass in the tank would not hit any other lure they would kill the minnow. Here again, the bait is made up of ground up bait so if you lose one it will not affect the fish and they can digest it.

If you're interested in trying out Berkley's what I call Minnow in a Bucket, they should be in most of the stores now, Sportsman Warehouse/Gander Mountain/Bass Pro.

If you still have problems locating them, write to me and I will help you get them.

I know it might be too late for you to go after Crappie. However, if you have read some of my articles, I tell you to move with the crappie and bass off the spawning beds and move toward the deep water.

May and June are the best Top Water Bait times. The fish are still very active and if you will place the boat in 16-20 feet of water and cast shallow, the fish should be right under the surface looking for a easy meal. Look at all the time and how much work they did spawning and are very hungry.

A lot of us down South have had to put up with all the lakes having too much water that Crappie Spawning is or should be over and the Bass are spawning as I type. If the Crappie in your area are just now spawning, try some of the Berkley Gulp Alive Minnows.

You will not go wrong and might even have some pictures that you want to share with other fishing folks. Send them in and we will try and get them up on the web site.


Keep The Hooks Wet!

Steve McGoldrick 


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