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The planned trip is tomorrow so it's time to run down the crappie fishing trip check list of things that I nor you want to forget that could turn a great day of fishing into a nightmare.

  1. Change of cloths in case for some reason the cloths you have on get wet by either falling in or rain. 
  2. Rain suit, don't always go by the weatherman he has been wrong more than right. 
  3. Plenty of drinks such as water,gator aid, no beer that does not mix with boating or fishing. Most accidents on the lake are caused by some had to much of the wrong stuff to drink. There will be time when your done boating and fishing to celebrate and have a few. Most of all do not allow yourself to dehydrate out on the lake a lot of folks forget to drink something while they are out in the hot sun all day. With me I do not have that problem I usually carry my thermost full of coffee that will last until about 9am then I switch to either water or Gator Aid. 
  4. Snacks are good after awhile your body needs to be refueled from pulling all those big fish in. I am probally the worst one to stop fishing long enough to eat something. Why have they not invented something to feed me as I fish? Find a nice shade tree look up in it before you proceed under the tree for those wiggley sticks (snakes) pull into the bank and take a break and eat a sandwich,chips,cookies. It will also help cool you down you do not want to get over heated. 
  5. Launching your Boat, do not unhook everything before back down the ramp. I have seen guy off load their boat right on the concrete, leave all the ties on and proceed down the ramp. About two feet from the water this is where you can disconnect all ties and straps. The most important thing to stop and recall if the plug is in the boat laugh as you may, but I will tell you right now if your a first time boat owner you will one day forget the plug in the boat. I promise you will forget, and that has happened to me once. You better have a very good bilge pump or a large can to bail out the water if your to far from the ramp when you think did I put the plug in. If your close to the ramp go ahead and put the boat back on the trailor it will not take that long and the fish will wait for you. 
  6. Flash light, a lot of the times you are unloading and loading your boat in the dark and need some light to see what your doing. I also like to use the buddy system and have your buddy go behind you and make sure that things are done. 
  7. Boat Registration in the boat or on your person. 
  8. Batteries all charged up to the max. 
  9. Gas tank full, don't count on the marina being open at all hours of the morning when your on the way out and you can be sure when returning if after dark the marina is closed. 
  10. Flotation devices all on board. 
  11. All the fishing things that you plan on using that day, here again laugh if you want but I have seen a guy make it all the way down the lake. When he stops it hits him that he left his fishing rods in the back of the car or truck. 
  12. If your on the way out before daylight or returning after sundown it is a Law you must run your running light at the front of the boat that is the green and red light and the white light in the back 30 minutes before sunset and anytime after that. Once the sun comes up good you can turn the lights off and remove them if you want. 
  13. Everyone will have other things they do not want to forget but I wanted to touch on a few. Hopefully, you were able to add some of these tips to your own list. Most of all be safe so you can return for another great day on the lake. 
  14. My not forget to leave a few fish for me. 
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Keep the Hooks Wet! 
Steve McGoldrick 


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