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How Do You Fish With Jigs?


crappie luresJig baits are just like their name implies. They are for fishing vertical spots like stake beds and brush tops.


They also can be used in still fishing meaning that you can rig them up with a float. If you're not into casting, this is highly recommended, but I like to use a live minnow hooked through the lip which I have also showed you in the pictures.


This gives the jig more action. I have seen times where the Crappie will not touch the bait if it does not have a minnow on it, and then there are times that they want it plain. Here is where I say again like in a earlier article, let the fish tell you what and how they want it.


I also have included pictures of the jigs with hair that also work well in landing the crappie slab . As you can see already, you can make up your own lures that will work in your area.


Crappie Thunder Road Runner 

One company that puts out some jigs and is known from coast to coast is Road Runner. One popular jig is Crappie Thunder Road Runner.


These baits still have the lead head and hook, but also have a very small spinner on them. These are used mostly in casting on a spinning rod and reel with light line, and you are reeling the bait back.


If you watch the TV fishing show, Jimmy Houston uses them all the time and catches fish. The nice thing about Road-Runners are they will catch other fish also, but the Crappie love them.


Johnson Original Beetle Spin 

Another great bait that has been around for a long time is the Beetle Spin, which is a little beetle bug with a spinner attached to it.


This is another bait that requires you to cast a lot.


If you are like me, I like to stay busy when I am on the lake and will try everything that I have brought to catch those Crappie.


crappie nibbles baitBerkley also makes PowerBait Crappie Nibbles that you can attach to the hook that at times drives the crappie out of their minds. They come in a small glass jar that will keep season after season, they are powerbait product.


While I am talking about Berkley, their product, Gulp Alive is available at Bass Pro Shops. The fairly new item that I call minnows in a bucket is full of ground up bait fish shaped in the form of a minnow. It is hitting the lakes this year as being the number 1 bait for crappie.


I have tested them in a demo tank and when the fish would not hit anything they would line up to get these minnows. This might be the way to save some bucks on buying live bait because I know you are just like me by the time you get to the lake you have lost half your minnows.


Strike King Bitsy Pond Minnow 

Now we have crankbaits that are used also and here again if you get tired of being lazy and want to cast this is the way to go. I have showed you in the picture of Strike King 1/8 ounce Bitsy Pond Minnow . They are also great to use and the only draw back is watch where you cast it. Stop and think, it has 6 hooks that will grab on to anything.


I like to use these baits around brush, piers, grass tops. Bandit Crankbaits are used a lot for trolling, and this gets in a whole new topic trolling for crappie that I will cover in another article.


Dont Forget The Fishing Law For Mississippi Anglers Regarding Crappie Pole Limits Passed in 2008 - Check Your State


Word of caution for all anglers: I looked up Mississippi Wildlife this morning and found that anglers fishing Mississippi lakes like the over 58,000 acre Sardis lake will see a new law that states you can only have five poles out at one time.


In previous years, a visit to Sardis Lake would have you seeing  pontoon boats with poles all the way around looked like a giant spider.


Mississippi Fish and Wildlife will still be watching for that violation in 2009 so do not get caught with more than the law allows. I have seen guys try and get out of a ticket by saying they did not know which get you no sympathy from the game wardens who will most likely say "It is your responsibility to know the fishing rules before you ever hit the lake" as they start writing the ticket.


Does Colors of Crappie Lures Matter?


The many different colors of crappie lures to catch crappie slabs will play a big part in the success of your crappie fishing. All I can tell you is try different colors.


One way I select colors is to go by local bait shops like Bass Pro to look for the empty pegs. This is usually a good sign on what the crappie are hitting.


Another way to decide what colors to use is listen to what the folks are talking about at the launch ramp. It never fails a guy that has caught his limit will not mind spilling his guts with information if he had a great day, what color the crappie are hitting, what depth and maybe even where he caught them.


This will get you started and I am one to tell you this is the best eating fish in my books. Make some Hush- puppies and coleus slaw to go with some great slabs and you can hurt yourself eating too much.


Good Luck, and drop by for more articles on Crappie Fishing.


Keep the Hooks Wet!



Steve McGoldrick



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