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Crappie What To Look For To Find Them

In this article I want to cover a few basics of what to look for when I go looking for those Slabs.

I’ve got to say that the Mid-South holds some of the best crappie lakes there is in the United States and probably the world.



Crappie are going to be found in stake beds, brush piles, trees or large limbs in the water. They’ll also be found at those honey holes that you have made earlier by either placing Christmas trees, tires, or shipping pallets in the water. You’ll find crappie around docks and piers too.


When I am out for the crappie in a lake I have never fished, here is a little secret that they don't want to get out, meaning the people that have piers and docks.


Look for minnow buckets hanging from the docks and piers. That is a sure dead give away that they have set out some of their own honey holes. Not only are they setting out honey holes for crappie; the Bass use them also. I have even seen where someone has burned a box spring bed and sunk the springs, and I have caught my limit just from one spot.


Crappie are a schooling fish so if you find one; you can take it to the bank there is more from where that one came from.


Another thing is if you are real careful into getting into a spot; I mean be real quite and sneak up on the crappie. They are spooky fish, but I have come up on a bank and seen the tails sticking out of the water fanning the beds. These beds are a lot of time out of the current in the back of coves.


Believe me, you will not be the only ones looking for them; there will be other crappie fishing folks doing the same as you are doing.


Don't get mad if you are fishing a stake bed and a guy walks out of the woods and wades out to the same spot. He just might be the one that created that spot.


Granted if I see someone fishing from the bank, I try to avoid that spot and move on. I can return if I am in my boat after that person leaves because he will not catch all the fish in that location. I have gone behind folks and still got my limit.






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