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Letting The Boats Go
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VAL was beside himself, I bet I changed his lure four times before the tournament ever started. The gun went off and we were on our way. This tournament was trolling motors only, and the fish were biting.


We had two fish in the boat in no time. Val kept saying one more…one more. The tournament only lasted until noon and then they had a weigh in just like Bassmasters.


Even though Val only caught two fish that day and did not win the tournament the looking at his face you would have thought he won the Bass Masters Classic.


When we returned, for weeks and months that is all Val talked about, his big fishing Tournament.


I am sorry to say about a year later Val was crossing the street in his wheel chair and a driver ran a red light and hit Val. He held on for a while, and then went to the Big Bass Lake in Heaven.


In Fact at his funeral, his brother was talking to everyone and started laughing and said that he bet Val was already on the lake catching them hogs as he spoke.


Turning Point Nation:


I also did some investigating and found an organization that I wanted to add to this article, Turning Point Nation

While this fine organization is doing a lot of great work in many states, I want every physically challenged person who loves fishing and the outdoors to check with your state and local organizations to find out what is available to help you get out there enjoying yourself. Another website to check out where fishing and outdoor activities are discussed and trips planned is

If you are one of the persons helping the physically challenged population to find their footing and confidence in life, please consider introducing them to the sport of fishing and other outdoor activities through programs in your state to ignite their passion for living again.


Turning Point was founded in 1979 by Michael "Shorty" Powers. Shorty had an injury when he was 17 years old that left him without the use of his legs. He was another person that loved the outdoors. When he went looking to see what might be available for him to continue participating in fishing and outdoor activities, there were none so Shorty formed his own "Turning Point".


Today, Turning Point Nation has 10 active chapters helping the physically challenged population with a chapter opening soon in *Detroit, Michigan.




East Texas



 Gulf Coast

 North Texas

Central Texas

 Indian Nation



Great Lakes

 West Texas


My hat is off to Shorty for helping so many people face a major turning point in their lives.


If you would like more information about the non profit organization, Turning Point Nation, the website is  or use the links above to contact the chapters directly. The national office physical address is 403 Pacific Ave., Terrell, Texas 75160. The telephone number is 972-524-4231.


The next time you go fishing; think about these folks that sleep, eat, and dream of maybe getting back out on the lake one more time.


I would like to dedicate this article to Val and the many other physically challenged fishing folks out there and to tell you there is hope. There are guys including myself and women out there that would love to take you fishing...Just ask.


Keep the Hooks Wet!


Steve McGoldrick



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