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Letting The Boats Go


I had to start this article off this way and I am not talking about no limit of fish, or size.

I just finished working a boat show and could not believe my eyes on the price of the Bass Boats. I saw a Ranger that was all decked out and they were asking $71 thousand dollars for it. I am not just picking on Rangers either, opened a magazine and there is a Skeeter with Manufactures suggested retail price  $81,890.00, Triton goes along the same trail. 

O.K. let's drop down to a small little Tracker Crappie fishing boats and your still looking at anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000  and these boats back in the late 70s and early 80s were selling for $9000.

The outboard motors cost; the easy way to figure is for every ten horses it will cost you one thousand dollars. The real cost on a boat is the motor and dealer will tell you once you leave the lot your boat has lost value. It is the motor that is worth something.

Don't forget you have to have life jackets onboard for every person that rides in boat, and like I say they all should have the jackets on plus a throw cushion and a first aid kit should be on the boat.

What are you going to pull your Boat with? Trucks now days look to spend at least 40 to 50 thousand for a two to three year old truck and 60 to 70  for a new truck. You have to have something heavy to pull that heavy boat and trailer.

Now on to get the fishing gear, rods now days will run you and I am not talking top of the line about $79 and that is for the mid range rods now days. The good rods start around $179 and can go up to $300 easy. Fishing reels again $69 up to $500, fishing line $20.00 for 120 yards, hooks, weights, bobbers, or if you are going to use lures better have a deep wallet because a lure can cost depending on the lure $20 each.

A bunch of us at the boat show got to talking and for a cane pole could run you $69.00, would be better if we can find a cane field and cut our own and then let them dry.

No wonder kids are getting in so much trouble now days. Back when I was growing up, we went fishing all the time, we did not have time to get in trouble. We spent too much time looking for places to fish or asking folks if we could help clean up the property if we could get permission to fish there. It has really got bad since we were kids as well as the cost to go fishing.

Fishing Rodeos are good, but here again I hear that like Germantown no longer wants it in the spring but move it to the fall and when the local news was contacted about getting the parents and kids involved, they did not want a thing to do with it. It breaks my heart and anyone that knows me and how every year how I use to love working with the kids and fishing until I sold my boat. That is one thing I miss most about not having my boat; not being able to take a kid fishing every year and that Senior Fishing...and it dawned on me if it fits in that now.

Just think if for some way you can get all the above or win the lottery, you still look to have to buy your license every year and if they do not sell enough every year they will have to raise the cost. All the nice places to launch your boats they are charging to do so.

Well have you got a total of everything, if you do not have a sponsor or winnings from the lottery, it is time to tell these boat folks that we are not going to pay these high prices or find another sport.



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