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Keep The Fishing Line Out Of Your Mouth

Many times I have thought about writing an article on this, but never got to it and it is very important.

All of us in the fishing community have done this many times without any problems, but it will happen.

What I am talking about is this: How many times have you been out fishing and everyone talks about your line getting nicked by rocks/wood, and what or how do you check?

You take the line and run it between your lips to detect any flaws in the line.

STOP and think what you are putting in your mouth and it will one day do its damage. I am talking Bacteria and the definition is Microscopic Organisms that are found in the lakes that we all fish.

It can cause diease, maybe another way to put it, try eating about 8 real green apples and tell me about a hour later how you feel.

It Only Takes One Time

I know you are thinking right now I have done that so many times and nothing has happened.

Okay, just go to the right lake or spot in the lake and "Bang" you do it one more time and this time it gets you.

What Is A Good Way To Check For Flawed or Damaged Line

A good way to detour this from happening to you is carry a small piece of panty hose and wrap it around the line and pull it through.

If there is a nick or flaw, it will grab in the fabric then you can cut the line and retie. I do not mean using your teeth either; use a pair of scissors, fingernail clippers, or knife.

There are times you tie a knot and it says to wet it and pull it tight; I suggest you spit on your fingers instead of putting the line in your mouth.

I always keep some of the little towels they give you at a restaurant to wipe your hands off after playing with the line. I do not want to pick up my sandwich later and still eat the bacteria that has made it way to my hands.

Have A Safe Healthy Day On The Lake

I want you to have a great day on the lake fishing. This transmission of Bacteria to anglers has been documented many times at a B.A.S.S tournament where one of the guys gets deadly ill in the middle of the night and not sure what caused the sudden illness.

Take my advice and practice clean mouth and hands procedures to keep from being affected with serious illnesses associated with Microscopic Organisms found in lakes, rivers and oceans.

Keep The Hooks Wet!

Steve McGoldrick



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