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Make A Fishing Honey Hole


I promised everyone that I would take you through the steps as I got my Christmas Trees and will walk you through this:


 christmas trees for honey hole


A. Gather as many Christmas Trees as you think that you can set out, or want to tackle.






  B. Concrete Blocks that will hold the trees down, at least one for each tree. I found my blocks at Lowe's and for 21 Blocks, it ran me about $25.00.








honey hole tree block shot


C. Drill a hole all the way through the trunk of the Christmas Tree, about five inches from the base to allow the Christmas tree to pass through the cinder block.

The reason behind  putting trunk through the block is I have tied the block to the outside in the past only to find on my next visit the tree had fallen over, and I want the tree standing straight up.




Honey Hole Moving trees on boat


D.  Use Wire, Rope, Chain (like the ones for a kids swing) or Steel Cable.

Tie it on the base of the Christmas Trees using the hole drilled and do not attach cider block yet. You will secure the tree to the block once you are on the water.

This year, I used Thermostat wire on my trees, it will not break after a while under water, and is very stiff.


Stay Safe Transporting Honey Hole Trees To Lake

Now you are ready to transport your honey hole to the lake that you have decided to fish this spring. This year I had to ask a friend for the use of his trailer due to the fact I have 22 trees, and they will not all fit in the back of my truck. Make sure that they are all tied down very well, you do not want to lose any on the way to the lake and cause a mess on the highway.

Transporting Trees To Honey Hole Spot

This year, seeing all the trees I had collected was going to take some time to place them, I rented a cabin at Pickwick for the whole weekend.

That way I could load the trees and the blocks then proceed to my spot.


Honey Hole Boat loaded with trees

I put 5 in the front and 5 in the rear, bases pointing to the center console where I have the blocks staged. This will make it easier when it does come the time to tie the blocks on, and then all you have to do is roll them off the boat. You do not have that much room to move around the boat and you do not want to join the trees in the water.

I suggest that you place the trees out of current, maybe just inside a cove, or around a bend in the cove. Stop and think where you have caught fish before and this might be a great starting point.

You can either make a straight line of trees or form a triangle with three or four trees. This is the place that is going to attract bait fish and give them a place to hide from the jaws of MR. BASS HOG, or Mr. CRAPPIE SLAB.

You have got to think also this will create a good spot to get hung up so you want to be able to cast in between the trees and on the outskirts of the trees.

Marking The Spot Where Honey Holes Are Located

The biggest thing to remember is where you put the trees, you want to either mark it on your GPS or go to the bank and paint a small mark on the tree right behind where you placed the trees.

Most lakes are down to what they call winter pool and will fill up the first hint of spring, so the area that you put your trees in will not look the same when you return to that spot and have to look for them. You can also make a note on what is on the bank a few feet up like a tree laying down, a rock shelf, or even a cabin in the woods.

One lesson I learned from two years ago is try and not let anyone see you put your trees out, or do not leave the top of the tree showing.

When I returned a month later to stock up on the fish, I discovered someone thought the trees would look better in their honey hole and moved my trees. Make a note at what depth the trees were placed and which spot, this will come in handy when you return to collect the fish.

Now that you are at your spot where you want to place the trees, there is still a little work that has to be done and that is trim the base at least 5 inches, to allow the trunk to pass through the block.





After the prepped tree trunk is passed through the cinder block, use what ever material you decided to use to fasten it down.

Once this is done; now you are


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