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  • Crappie Slab Board is the place to brag about and show the proof of hauling in the crappie slabs for the fish fry or to stock up your freezer.
  • Steve's Crappie Tackle Box fishing and bait tips will increase your chances of pulling in crappie slabs. Find out here from Steve Goldrick on what to do and what not to do to...
  • Crappie Lures To Catch Crappie Slabs - select a bait or make your own. Jig heads with a plastic soft body, jigs with hairy bodies, crappie spinner baits, or crank baits give many options. Find out..
  • What Is The Best Crappie Bait? Out of sunlight, they can last season after season. Load up the freezer as if they were alive, and looking at them, they do look real. Rigging them up for crappie if fishing a
  • Don't do like I did and wait forever to pick up Smelly Jelly. Get a few jars or bottles today. Like I always state in my articles; don't buy it until I try it. Smelly Jelly gets my approval both hands down
  • As you can see from my pictures below, I use the cliphanger in my Truck, Boat, and on my belt loop. I have never had to replace another phone since I hooked up with ClipHanger
  • Don't donate blood to the Mosquitoes, the ThermaCELL unit is a must add to your list of fishing equipment. This is odor free and you will not have to keep applying that smelly repellent that might spook the fish
  • Crappie Caught Using Recoil Rigs - Not only are crappie slab being caught with the recoil rigs; Bass, Bream, Walleye, Pike, Trout, Catfish, and even deep sea fish are drawn to...
  • Drop Shot Rig the pros secretly use to increase the limit and size of their catch. What the eye is not revealing is the special patented high tech fishing line used between the weight and lure. Find..
  • Crappie Bait - Gulp Alive - Try the New Hot Plastic bait that works for Crappie, Bass, Catfish,Stripers, and saltwater fish. If you try this on a drop shot rig, you will get results real fast.
  • Fishing Line Selection - Which Class Should I Use? What Color? What Weight...10 pound ... 20 pound test? Which fishing line is best for rookie anglers? How about a good reel caster?
  • Spooling Station For Fishing Line - Learn how to build one here or follow the link to purchase a fishing line spooling tool.
  • The line can get frayed and break at the worst time. Take it from me. I lost a mighty big hog this past fall not to mention a great Buzz Bait.
  • Crappie Fishing Tips - How do you create your own honey hole? What kind of bait do you use for crappie slabs? Where and how do you find the best spot to do some crappie slab fishing? Find out...
  • Crappie When and Where to Catch Them - Spring and fall are the best times to catch the crappie slabs. You will find them at...
  • Looking For Crappie In The Right Places can mean the difference between an ice chest full of crappie or stopping by Captain D's. When do you look for pre-spawn crappie? Spawning Crappie? Find out...
  • Crappie What To Look For To Find Them - Rock structures help do what? Can you catch crappie in grassy areas? Do you know how to make a honey hole? Find out...
  • Crappie night fishing can be one of the best times you ever spend fishing on the lake, I like to use 8# fluorescent fishing line. That way it shows up real good under the black light.
  • Take the syringe and slowly push some Smelly Jelly up into the body of the Crappie Jig. Make sure that it is not thick from the freezer
  • Crappie Fish Cleaning Tips - Slice the fish behind the gills all the way to the Back Bone, but do not sever. Angle the knife towards the head, so you do not waste any part of the crappie fillet.
  • Crappie Fall Fishing Tips - Here again the crappie will move up from the deep creek channels and ditches to feed before the cold winter hits and the lakes freeze. Where are you going to look for the crappie?
  • Most of the black crappie or specks are caught during the cool months, but then you do have the die hards that will chase the crappie on into the summer in deeper water, and night fishing
  • Night fishing is not far off and there will be all kinds of fishermen out, Do not forget those mosquitos are out at daylight and dusk. Stop slapping and get to fishing
  • Age and Arthritis goes together then the sight, but I have a little trick to keep you on the water fishing no matter how bad those finger and wrist hurt.
  • Crappie fishing equipment is too costly to not buy the right poles, fishing line and other fishing supplies the first time. Do you know what works to catch the crappie slab? Find out...
  • Crappie Pole Selection options to think about. Do you go cane, fiberglass or graphite? What is the best lenght to use? Will the Ultra Light Rod work or open faced spinning tackle work? Find out...
  • Reel Operation Baitcaster Design - In this article, I am going to explain the baitcaster reel operation and design parts. The tips will help you become very good with a baitcaster.
  • Fishing Apparel - Who Has A Guaranteed Waterproof Rainsuit? I can say, without skipping a beat, no outside liquid gets on the inside. I can not recommend Frogg Toggs unless it is a mist or very light rain. They did not keep me dry.
  • Proper Fishing Sunglasses helps protect your eyes from the glare coming off of the water on days the sun is shining brightly. Polarized sunshades allow you to see the fish under the water a lot better than with a regular pair of sun glasses.
  • Crappie Measuring Tool, Frabill E-Z Check'R, is a must when fishing for the great tasting crappie fish. Keep in mind one crappie 1/2 inch smaller than allowed equals a fishing fine of $150 or more.
  • Crappie Boat Equipment - We have got our lures, poles and everything ready so let’s get the boat ready. The first thing is what boat are we taking? You do not have to take that $56,000 Bass boat out..
  • Boat Bidding could possibly land you a great fishing boat at a lower cost by being the winning bidder.
  • Crappie Trolling For Slabs - A lot of the Midsouth fishing folks live for the season of Crappie Trolling. I would say the main thing is know your depth finder. It will make you or break you when...
  • So, you’re looking for a great bow mount trolling motor. Should you select hand operated or wireless control? You should...
  • The issue of thrust is the biggest factor people struggle with when selecting a trolling motor. Our trolling motor selection tips can
  • Which transom mount trolling motor selection is better? There are numerous transom mount choices available today, but three are particularly...
  • Since Wireless Bow Mount Trolling Motors are fairly unique, we've dedicated an article exclusively to them so that you can...
  • Prop Inspection Needed? Turning 6,300 RPM and my 115 Johnson is equipped with a 19 pitch prop. It should only be turning 5500 at top speed
  • Trailer Repair Tips For Boating -
  • Towing Tips for Boats
  • I applied it to my hull and I mean it does just what it says... 60 seconds and then rinse product off. No scrubbing needed and watch how the stain runs off the hull.
  • Sea Foam Boat Motor Treatment - Keep your boat motor cleaned internally with this product that actually works as promised on the side of the can.
  • Crappie Fishing Spots to catch crappie slabs is a great place to find lakes to try out to get your share for a fish fry. Stop by often to see who left a hotspot fishing tips
  • As an angler, you know how fast things can change and how would your family do if you're stuck out on the lake. Visit our crappie survival store to load up bug-out bags for your family and boat.
  • Crappie Fishing Product Alert - Look for information here about fishing products discussed in three ways: Poor Performing Products, Good Performing Products, New Products On The Market. Share your...
  • Keep The Fishing Line Out Of Your Mouth - All of us in the fishing community have done this many times without any problems, but it will happen. Go to the right lake or spot in the lake and "Bang" you do it one more time and this time it gets you
  • Defective Fishing Line Brand - I have bought two different spools of this brand of fishing line and experienced the same problem of the line breaking inside the reel with both spools.
  • Lead Core Fishing Line - Is it really worth using lead based fishing line just to have a few more feet of fishing line on a reel? Plenty of fish are being caught without increasing the use of lead.
  • Even the government knows not to put the Ethanol E-15 in their Marine Engines. Don't destroy your motor. Learn More Here
  • Crappie Fishing Trip Check List - The planned trip is tomorrow so it's time to run down the list of things that I nor you want to forget that could turn a great day of fishing into a nightmare.
  • I saw real quick there was a person in the front seat slumped over. Then I saw a baby seat in the back seat upside down that put a knot in my throat
  • That was good. Fishing is fun even when stealing bait.
  • Make A Fishing Honey Hole that attracts the crappie slab, bass hog, monster catfish or shell crackers. Learn why anglers should start right after Christmas with collecting...
  • What a way to start off an article by saying Crappie Anglers Enough Is Enough. Prices are going up for everything fishermen need. Walking up and down the aisles I could not believe what I was seeing
  • Spawning Period For Bass - These periods are approximate depending on when the winter cycle comes to an end. Does the lunar period affect fishing? Find out there...
  • Fishing Lakes and Ponds - Seasonal Approaches - Fishing in your home ponds is the best way to learn how to use different lures, how they work, and how the fish react to them.
  • Bedding Fish - Should You Fish Them? This is a subject that takes a lot of hits from folks saying that we should not disturb the females while they are laying the eggs. Well, I for one...
  • Best Bass Lake In Heaven - The preacher had some good news and some bad news about a Bass Lake in Heaven.
  • A Day On Pickwick Lake - All of a sudden the water explodes and the hook is set and the fight is on. The big fish decides to head for deep water and my drag opens up. The fight only...
  • Smartest Bass Fish Out There - As I got closer I saw a squirrel eating a hickory nut. Then all of a sudden the biggest bass that I have seen
  • My Last Fishing Trip - There is nothing worse than to sit outside and look at your bass boat and wish you were on the water. I played it real smooth so I would heal fast but when I heard a pop noise..
  • Take A Kid Fishing program can give the youngster a positive productive outlook on life, make the youngster a good steward of the land and finally, may create an angler for a lifetime
  • Fishing For The Physically Challenged Population is a great way to bring a feeling of accomplishment to their lives. Use your kindness and time to help a person who yearns to fish again
  • Take A Senior Citizen Fishing is a great day at the lake and a great way for a senior citizen to be part of a community. What better way is there to make them feel alive than being out in nature?
  • Child's Wish Comes True: Make A Wish Foundation needs your financial help today to give a terminally ill child a chance to actually see the world is full of good.
  • Corp of Engineers and Drought Conditions - It really gets my blood boiling when I hear that due to Mother Nature not giving us spring rain the lake is down and will hurt this year's fishing. Why is...
  • How I Acquired Fishing Knowledge - When they were talking about a trailor hook behind a spinnerbait, why not lip hook a big bass minnow to the trailor hook to make it look like
  • State Fishing Tournaments With National Run Off For Championship - Is It Time? Look at the 2009 Elite series for example. There is usually 11 events and now, they have cut it back to 8.
  • ARKABUTLA is one of the lakes I am watching like a hawk still a little too high and is starting to warm up and another week or so might be right for crappie fishing. Grandfather use to say when the Dogwoods start to bloom you better be on the water.
  • Another person had a Yeti Cup but was drinking Ice Tea, She arrived at the show at 8:00am and when she left at 7pm she stillhad ice in the cup.
  • The last and saddest memory is the day I sold my Boat and watch it leave my drive way for the last time. It was like a part of my life was leaving. After letting a whole summer go by and not writing a single article or going fishing, it is time to get back to pen and paper
  • That's right I have up and got myself another boat and have already put it on the water to make sure... I heard that Bass Cat makes a smooth riding Bass Boat and I am here to say
  • I had to start this article off this way and I am not talking about no limit of fish, or size. I just finished working a boat show and could not believe my eyes on the price of the Bass Boats. I saw a...
  • I always try to go to the lake in the middle of the week, that way it gives all the weekend folks time to get...As I get close to Pick Wick, you can always tell when I am close. You can smell the
  • Mother nature is about to take her winter nap and I want to make that last trip before the snow sets in or the ice hits the lake that chases me off the water
  • must get this one in the books seeing I was at this 2 day tournament, that Bass CAT, held in MARCH at SMITH LAKE

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The government doesn't use this marine engine damaging fuel. Learn More Here

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