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Trailer Repair Tips For Boating

An important item that really needs to be inspected on a frequent basis but usually ignored is the trailer that carries the boat. The reason I am writing about this as you may have already guessed that I have been there and done that, and do not want you to have a spoiled fishing trip.

Most folks do not give the trailor much thought, but I have mentioned in other articles about the bunks need to be cleaned when the boat is not on the trailor.

Clean the sand and grim off the bunks or pads. If torn, replace when discovered other wise you might be looking at an expensive hull job.

Another item of importance is the grease bearings need to be checked after every fishing trip.

These boat trailer repair tips and the one about the tires below can save you headaches and money.


I was pulling my boat from Memphis to PickWick Lake which is about a 2 hour run. I found myself having to replace my tires after every trip. I asked different folks and they said that maybe I just got bad tires, or ran over something. I am sorry but after three sets of tires I knew it had to be more.

Trailer Reapir Tips for BoatingI decided to take the boat and trailer to the repair shop to have an Expert look at it. As it turned out, the Axle was twisted just so little enough to make the tires run wild and loose all the tread. It took about two weeks before I was called and told that my trailer was ready to be picked up.

Most of the time you will know when the tires start looking like slicks that something it wrong. I have attached the guy's contact information that I recommend to help with your trailer repairs if you are in the Memphis area or passing through.

I took a guy over that had a 1976 Arrow Glass and was having problems on finding a four hole tire and rim that would fit his Trailer. Well my guy took care of him by replacing the axle and replacing the four hole rim with a 5 hole Rim.

Look around the area you are in and I bet you can find a good service guy. If not, let me know and I will get with my guy. He has contact with all the trailer folks so you will not end up in the same fix I did.

Keep the Hooks Wet!

Steve McGoldrick  

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